Our story

Artex Nam An is a company specialise in exporting handicraft products from Vietnam. Established from 2013, now Artex Nam An is a comapany which supply handicraft products worldwide.  We have customers across the world from Big Multi-national cooperation, big super market chain, big store chain, famous retailers to small retailer and shop chain.

Our mission: We are proud of our country’s handicraft tradition. We love the craftman and the amazing work they are doing. We are pleased that we are giving a hand to help the environment by making our eco-friendly products become more and more popular. Artex’s mission is to bring Vietnam handicraft products to the world with the hope to bring Vietnam culture closer to foreign friends, to  help the farmer and craftman improve their life and to encourage the eco-friendly trend on the world.

Our slogan: Art everywhere”. We are happy that we are making the azmazing products by great craftman ship. To bring the art to the home of people, that is the job we are doing!

Our responsibility to environment & society:

- We are sourcing and supplying green products made of  renewable material

- We stand to poor farmer and craftman have a better income,

Why choose us:

-          We understand customers: during long time work with both big and small customers, we know what our customer want and how to run the project together with them. From sampling to mass production, we are confident to understand customer well and make the procedure go smoothly,

-          We are thriving as we are doing good quality control, offering competitive price, wide product range and unique designs to customers.

-          NAM AN practices strict quality control to ensure goods shipped out are of good quality. We are open to learn to make improvement in every single shipment as we understand quality will assure our success in the long run.

-          We would like to establish a long-term cooperation with customer all over the world. We aim to win-win cooperation with customers. NAM AN renders customer’s strength as its strength. This is why we offer competitive price to facilitate customers in their bids.

-          Dynamic production and procurement officers from NAM AN, are ready to get you wide range products and unique designs. Our man, with rich experience in production and sourcing can develop your ideas into wonderful craft and bring you a large sort of products.  

If you have any question or inquiry related to our company or about Vietnam handicraft, please feel free to get in touch. We will be glad to help!